Improv Comedy Connection Podcast

Helping you connect more deeply with your audiences through comedy.

The Improv Comedy Connection podcast has been a ton of fun for me.  I started it with the goal of connecting with other improvisers, comedians, communicators and others who would have something to say about being funny in front of other people in 2019.  Personally, I wanted to learn from others and explore with others how we might more deeply connect with our audiences through humor.  It’s been a wonderful, sometimes surprising, journey into the deep waters of comedy.

I’ve been blessed with great guests and great listeners.  Both have been a part of expanding my view and understanding of improv, communication, and inter-personal connection.  You may get different things out of it than I did, but if you have complementary or related interests, I think you’ll get a lot out of each episode.

More info is at and you can find the podcast just about anywhere podcasts can be found.