Dave Razowsky

Dave Razowsky joins Whit for the finale episode of Season 1 — and it’s a great conversation! Dave shares from his long, deep history and thoughtfulness in the art of improv and acting — with his history going back to Geese Theater Company and its programs for prisoners, moving on to Second City, Improv Olympic, an involvement with the predecessor to the Annoyance and so much more. We also get a sneak peek into Dave’s upcoming book – “A Subversive’s Guide to Improvisation” – and how it pulls together Dave’s philosophy and methodology related to improv.

Be sure to check out Dave’s website at www.davidrazowsky.com for further information, video clips and more. You’ll also want to check out his award winning podcast – A.D.D. Comedy with Dave Razowsky – which can also be found just about anywhere you’d get your podcasts.

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