Jules Munns

Jules Munns in an improviser, teacher, and co-founder of both Slapdash International (London’s longest running festival of improvisation) and The Nursery Theatre in London, UK, and also director of Impromptu Shakespeare. He has performed and taught at festivals across the UK and in countries including the US, Pakistan, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Portugal and Finland. He also hosts an excellent podcast for the Nursery.

In this episode, we discuss the rapid growth of improv in London, various styles and influences on the art there, and even the purpose of improv itself. The conversation may be a bit intellectual and improv nerdy, but it also explores the notion of improv perhaps being at its best when it feels like “coming home.”

You can connect with Jules at julesmunns.com or the Nursery Theatre at thenurserytheatre.com.

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