Paul Vaillancourt

Episode 5 of the Improv Comedy Connection features Paul Vaillancourt! Paul’s been improvising since college and grew up in the artform at a really interesting time in Chicago before moving to LA to co-found iO West. He’s an author of the book the Triangle of the Scene and has a rich catalog of tips on improv on YouTube. In other words, Paul has tons of content that he’s produced that can help you grow in improv and you should take advantage of all of them!

The conversation in this episode covers a lot of ground — from the basic, atomic level of improv to the artform in general. In it, you’ll find a lot of rich insights and things to think through.

You can connect with Paul on social media at:

FaceBook:  @pvimprov

Twitter: @whatsupwithpv

Instagram: @whatsupwithpv

Check out for more info.

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