Will Hines

Episode 7 of the Improv Comedy Connection features Will Hines! Will has been improvising with the UCB since 1999, where he started with them in New York. He’s now in LA, and performs, teaches and coaches improv with the UCB in LA while also acting, writing, and doing a lot of other things as well. Recently, along with Billy Merritt who was on epsiode 2, Will released the book Pirate Robot Ninja – An Improv Fable — a very different book from his highly regarded How to Be the Greatest Improviser on Earth. They’re both great, so be sure to pick them both up!

Will shares some great stuff in our conversation that will be interesting and meaningful for the working improviser, as well as someone earlier on in their journey. Some great insights on teaching are shared in our conversation as well, so you’ll want to listen to this one more than once!

You can find Will at www.willhines.net, on Twitter @willhines, and Instagram @williebhines. We also talked about his Tumblr account and how it was being ignored — but you can help solve that problem by visiting his site there at improvnonsense.tumblr.com.

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