Jimmy Carrane

The Improv Comedy Connection kicks off Season 2 with Jimmy Carrane! Jimmy and Whit discuss what the early days of improv can teach us about the art form today, what the Art of Slow Comedy is all about, and how to grow in your career. Jimmy’s perspective on improv is an important one, given his many contributions to the art and his history going back to his time in iO, the Annoyance, his time with Jazz Freddy, work with Del Close, his podcast, Improv Nerd, his books (Improvising Better and Improv Therapy) and his award winning Art of Slow Comedy workshops and intensives. It’s a long list, and that’s not all of it!

Be sure to check out Jimmy’s website at www.jimmycarrane.com for further information, his blog, schedule for his classes, and so much more. And if you haven’t already, you’ll want to check out the Improv Nerd podcast which can also be found just about anywhere you’d get your podcasts.

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