Laura Hall

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Laura Hall is someone who improvisers, in the US anyway, will all know. She’s been a consistent and amazing presence as an improvising musician on Whose Line is it Anyway? in the US right from the start of the series. But Whose Line wasn’t her first gig, and it’s not all she does. In Episode 8, Laura shares more of that story, about music and improv, and so much more.

You can find a lot of information about Laura at, including information about the workshops see and her husband, Rick Hall, do on Music Improv, her Improv Karaoke tracks for download and use in improv performances, and her book, The Improv Comedy Musician, which should be required reading for any improv musician – but also any troupe leader where music will be a part of the troupe’s performances. You can follow Laura on FaceBook, Instagram, and Twitter, too.

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